We’re playing Saturday July 28 at Lone Wolf with Labretta Suede & the Motel 6, Rudy Brownbird Relic, and Olympus Mons

  • This Saturday July 28th @ Lone wolf.
    A mere 7 bucks!
    1089 Broadway
    Brooklyn, NY 11221Rockin’ Pneumonia Presents: Detroit Motor City Garage Rockers ‘Olympus Mons’ w/ guests Labretta Suede, The Rats & Brownbird Rudy Relic

    Don’t miss Detroit finest and true garage rockers Olympus Mons. Hell, these cats even live in a Detroit garage….

    It’s gonna be GROUND QUAKING, EARTH SHAKIN’…..
    See ya there rock n roll lover, come & support touring bands and damn good music!

    1am * OLYMPUS MONS:

    Olympus Mons, this is music not from the hearts of space but from the men that can explore space in their own rocket ship. Out here space is fast and smooth, featuring oil and engines doing their work charging ahead to the next destination.



    You know them…. That local Brooklyn beauty with her gang of misfits and all their garage savagery!
    These crazed Rock ‘N’ Rollers have a reckless set and a show of music and outfits you could just LICK!.. With a 50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll influence, a twang and some dirge…. You’ll Dig it!


    11pm * THE RATS
    Their sounds have been described as “…unpredictable and multi-faceted, drawing from moxier eras of Rock N Roll and Garage Punk, while still keeping an inventive ear bent toward the future”



    Acoustic Holler Blues lays parallel to a similar synthesis; fusing early pre-war country blues styles with a multitude of other relevant (rhythm &) blues influences such as Hokum, Ragtime, Doo wop and Boogie-Woogie; even going as far as to include elements of Mexican Romantic Ballads and corridos; a product of his Chicano Heritage.

New York, New York
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