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Join us Sunday, February 17th • 7:30 til !@%$#@&*! for The Rats of New York LP Vinyl Release!

FEATURING EmCee Anna Copa Cabanna, Les Sans Culottes, The Electric Mess, Twin Guns, with Deejays Drew Redmond and Kool Thing!

Our Wicked Lady

153 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn, NY



Rats of New York: Self-Titled LP Vinyl Release!
• Art & Design by Andrea Sicco (Sicco Art, Twin Guns, A.G.N.Q.)
• 180 grams of virgin vinyl …heavy duty!
• DMM: Mastered “direct-to-metal-plate” for HIGH FIDELITY at HIGH VOLUME!
• Produced and Engineered in analog by Brooklyn legend Jm Airis



Rats of NY spill over into Jersey City at THE CITIZEN Sept 30 w/ The Above, Low Doses

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Brooklyn’s THE ABOVE above schlep their British invasion inspired rock n’ roll across the Hudson to perform along with NYC punkers THE RATS, Jersey City rockers LOW DOSES, and an upstart band of rabble rousing garage rockers from North Jersey, FUHGAWEE HUNTING CLUB. 9pm, $5. THE CITIZEN 332 2nd Street, Jersey City, NJ

LaChance Brothers Re-Unite Fri Aug 12 w/ Tight Genes, Electric Mess, Vandalizer

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We’ve all been holding out for a lip-buster of a show this Summer and THIS IS IT… Double LaChance – Rats of NY’s lead stringbreaker Nate and his brother’s band from Orlando called Tight Genes UNDER ONE ROOF – ONE NIGHT ONLY at GOLD SOUNDSVANDALIZER will launch us off with NWOHM-esque hooks that tease & rattle your metal tooth sockets, and NYC’s garag’n’est heap of sonic werewolfery THE ELECTRIC MESS will drive you home on a plutonium-powered stagecoach. RATS OF NEW YORK play 2nd, before TIGHT GENES (on tour from Orlando!)


Pacific Breakout 2016!

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4/22 PORTLAND – The Alleyway. 4/23 SEATTLE – Lucky Liquor. 4/24 OLYMPIA – McCoy’s. 4/25 MEDFORD – Johnny B’s. 4/27 SACRAMENTO – Cafe Colonial. 4/29 SAN FRANCISCO – Hemlock Tavern. 4/30 OAKLAND – The Golden Bulloutput_YWFM8k

DATES for Droppin’ Out tour Europe 2013

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A European tour to roast our new single 7 inch record titled DROPPIN’ OUT w/ b-side CANNIBAL CANNIBAL. Going to Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland and playing with lots of awesome bands including Tracy Lee Summer, Bikini Gorge, Princess Mongo & the Rat Bones , Burn Your TV, MJ Halloran & the Sinners!

FRI March 8: w/ Tracy Lee Summer

SAT the 9th: w/ Tracy Lee Summer

WED March 13: w/ Princess Mongo & the Rat Bones

THURS the 14th: TBA

FRI March 15: w/ MJ Halloran and the Sinners
Le Mojomatic, Montpellier FR

SAT the 16th: w/ Bikini Gorge

SUN March 17: w/ Bikini Gorge

MON the 18th: w/ Bikini Gorge

TUES March 19: w/ Bikini Gorge

WEDS the 20th: w/ Bikini Gorge

THURS March 21: w/ Burn Your TV

FRI the 22nd: w/ Bikini Gorge

SAT March 23: Mons – LE BATEAU IVRE w/ Bikini Gorge

More dates & Info coming sooon!

The Re-Rat: Club Bafo de Baco – Portugal, & Live on Klokey Radio 2012

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“Cannibal Cannibal” was a new song for our 2012 Iberian Tour. At Bafo de Baco we worked with Microsurco, Gaz! Productions, and got to visit with the guys from Rock Around the Blog. We played with Psycho Tramps, and Lisbon’s Tracy Lee Summer who will join us on the beginning of our 2013 European Tour in March

Just before leaving for Europe we performed it live at Terminal NYC for Klokey Radio

Here’s a peek:

“Anyone can rat…

but it takes a certain amount of ingenuity to re-rat”

– Winston Churchill

We’re playing Saturday July 28 at Lone Wolf with Labretta Suede & the Motel 6, Rudy Brownbird Relic, and Olympus Mons

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  • This Saturday July 28th @ Lone wolf.
    A mere 7 bucks!
    1089 Broadway
    Brooklyn, NY 11221Rockin’ Pneumonia Presents: Detroit Motor City Garage Rockers ‘Olympus Mons’ w/ guests Labretta Suede, The Rats & Brownbird Rudy Relic

    Don’t miss Detroit finest and true garage rockers Olympus Mons. Hell, these cats even live in a Detroit garage….

    It’s gonna be GROUND QUAKING, EARTH SHAKIN’…..
    See ya there rock n roll lover, come & support touring bands and damn good music!

    1am * OLYMPUS MONS:

    Olympus Mons, this is music not from the hearts of space but from the men that can explore space in their own rocket ship. Out here space is fast and smooth, featuring oil and engines doing their work charging ahead to the next destination.


    You know them…. That local Brooklyn beauty with her gang of misfits and all their garage savagery!
    These crazed Rock ‘N’ Rollers have a reckless set and a show of music and outfits you could just LICK!.. With a 50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll influence, a twang and some dirge…. You’ll Dig it!

    11pm * THE RATS
    Their sounds have been described as “…unpredictable and multi-faceted, drawing from moxier eras of Rock N Roll and Garage Punk, while still keeping an inventive ear bent toward the future”


    Acoustic Holler Blues lays parallel to a similar synthesis; fusing early pre-war country blues styles with a multitude of other relevant (rhythm &) blues influences such as Hokum, Ragtime, Doo wop and Boogie-Woogie; even going as far as to include elements of Mexican Romantic Ballads and corridos; a product of his Chicano Heritage.

New York, New York

Poster Art & Dates for Iberian Tour 2012 (June 08 – June 24th) Spain & Portugal

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Iberian Tour 2012 poster.

Center tableau by Sean Äaberg of Goblinko and PORK Magazine



Tour Dates:

We’ll keep updating and adding more shows but SO FAR ITS….. June 8 thru 23

Friday 06/08 Club TBA, Toledo, SP

Saturday 06/09 Louie Louie, Estepona, SP

Sunday 06/10 Club Supersonic, Madrid, SP

Monday 06/11 D.F. Hollander, Sevilla, SP

Tues 06/12 Planta Baja, Granada, SP

Weds 06/13 Rock Palace, Madrid, SP

Thurs 06/14 TBA. Fri 06/15 TBA.

Sat 06/16 Valentino’s, Leon, SP

Sun 06/17 TBA.

Mon 06/18 Clavicembalo, Lugo / Galicia, SP

Tues 06/19 TBA

Weds 06/20 TBA

Thurs 06/21 Portugal, Club TBA

Fri 06/22 Montijo / Lisbon, Portugal

Sat 06/23 Algarve / Faro, Portugal



The Rats with The Cynics & The Pow Wows, October 31 at Lone Wolf

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We’ll be playing with inveterate garage rockers The Cynics (Get Hip!), and Pow Wows – at Lone Wolf October 31…

1089 Broadway in Bushwick-Brooklyn, NY


The Rats, Something Fierce & The Cute Lepers at Knitting Factory Brooklyn on 9/1/11: 7PM SHOW 8PM – ALL AGES!